executive director

Dr. Osita Aniemeka, PhD

Osita Aniemeka is the quintessential enterprise builder that combines branding with business development. He’s a products person and a preparation pundit with elbows-deep in the things of corporate development. As a Brandster, Osita creates stories around businesses, and knows how to tell these winning stories in order to attract the right customers. He brings charge and duty to the tone of businesses and how they project themselves to sustain consumers’ interests. He takes a well-defined enterprise identity to the marketplace for bountiful harvests.

On business development, Osita understands the exact value enterprises bring to the competition and helps them find their niche. He astutely discerns palpable and latent facets of partnerships – public-private-personal – and matches enterprises with the best plinths that get them in front of paying customers. A practiced SME growth strategist and an adept agropreneurship capacity development professional, Osita laces performance management and corporate governance with knowledge management expertise for effective enterprise building. He was Customer Service Agent for the renowned American Express Card in Huntsville, Alabama and was Man of the Year 2002 (American Bibliographical Institute) for his years of development work in Africa.